Sandalwood Country Club Driftwood & Seasalt Shower Gel 200ml


Bring a sense of occasion to the shower with this premium shower gel. Driftwood and Sea Salt: A unique, unisex scent that partners musky warm sandalwood and driftwood with crisp citrus and nautical notes. This fragrance captures the essence of an evening campfire on a quiet beach.

Inspired by the diverse base fragrance of sandalwood, Sandalwood Country Club is a luxury unisex home and body care range. Formulated with active ingredients, Sandalwood C.C. is designed to make a statement.

Natural extracts within this shower gel include Seaweed and Sea Fennel. Seaweed is packed with vitamins and natural antioxidants and is therefore believed to improve skin tone and texture while reducing imperfections. Sea fennel, a sea-derived ingredient rich in vitamins and minerals (or Crithmum Maritimum extract), is said to promote anti-ageing and improve skin condition.



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