Yak Fitted Rib Hat – Natural Brown


The YAK Fitted Rib Hat is finely knitted in 2×2 rib. It is cuffed and has a snug fit, making it an easy staple for any wardrobe. The hat is made in luxuriously soft, undyed yak wool sourced from a social business in Tibet and its clean lines and design create the perfect solution for a cold, crisp day. Unisex.

Machine knitted in 0.5 hours by a local partner in Kathmandu, Nepal. Dinadi conducts monthly site visits in order to ensure that Dinadi’s ethical and environmental standards are upheld.

Dinadi yak products are made from 100% yak down. Yak down is a rare and luxurious fiber that is similar in softness and feel to cashmere. It is superior in warmth to many sheep wool fibers while similar in durability. Yak down is combed once a year from the yak’s winter coat and praised to be one of the most sustainable fibers available.


We partner with a social enterprise on the Tibetan Plateau that works closely with local yak herders to gather the fibers. In partnering with them we can ensure high traceability throughout our supply and production chain. Our yak is natural and undyed and comes in two colors, Oat Brown and Dark Brown.

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About Dinadi

Dinadi’s vision is to create fair employment opportunities for Nepali women and produce sustainable, timeless and high-quality knitwear. As we continue to grow, transparency is central as we work to ensure that our social mission is the navigator even when it’s not the easy option. We hope our brand will be associated with well-designed winter classics produced in an ethical and sustainable manner and that Dinadi will continue to have a positive social impact on the Nepali women we employ.