Pearl re-stringing

Pearl re-stringing is avilable

Pearls are beautiful, organic gems and when well looked after they can last a lifetime.

Pearls should be strung on silk which is strong, durabe and most importantly doesn’t cause damage to the pearls. They should also be knotted – the silk is knotted tightly between each pearl to prevent them rubbing together which damages the nacre. It also prevents losing the whole strand should a breakage occur.

Pearls should really be re-strung every 1-2 years (less so if you only wear them on special occasions). If the silk has stretched or feels brittle it is probaby time to have them looked at.

We offer a professional pearl knotting and repair service. Prices vary depending on individual needs but a standard single string measuring 18 or 20 inches would cost £20 – £30. Graded neckaces cost a little more, and clasps can be re-used or replaced if necessary.

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